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Alkaline water
healthy water
hyflowater alkaline water

The many benefits of alkaline water consumption include prevention of chronic diseases such as cancers, antioxidant, anti-aging and faster absorption. Most of these benefits have been published in many mass media including the local Straits Times and Chinese daily newspapers. But alkaline water has not been widely consumed in Singapore yet. Probably due to high cost as most of the alkaline water machines costs S$1500 &/or above. The total costs including maintenance of a alkaline water machine over 4 or 5 years is about $3000 to $6000 for most brands.

To make alkaline water more affordable, Hyflo Marketing Pte Ltd launches the Residential Water and Health Project. The project aims to create awareness about alkaline water and brings the costs down by at least 50%. Participants from our water and health project are now enjoying natural alkaline water right from their tap at just 4 to 5 cents per litre of alkaline water. Due to overwhelming response, we are currently also  conducting the Super Parenting Water Health Support especially for those newly BTOs, Condominums and Private Estates.​​

​Why most residents chose Hyflo is because most of our participants know how to define " HMPL: Hyflo Marketing Pte Ltd " as :

1) High Quality of System ;

✅2) Mainly because of Branding ;

✅3) Promises on Servicing ;

✅4) Long-Established Company (ACRA No. 201130943R)


We strive to provide excellent services and provide professional knowledge. We made our system affordable for every household to enjoy the goodness of purified water with superior quality water filtration system.​

​Previously, Hyflo Marketing Pte Ltd was concentrating on Corporate Water and Health Projects. However, due to increasing demand in alkaline water, we started concentrating on our Residential Water and Health Projects instead.  Hoping to provide every household with a better quality of water as well as to allow you to enjoy the benefits of alkaline antioxidant water at a lowest cost rate.

Hyflo Marketing Pte Ltd was able to take in machines from renowned brands in Korea within a short period of time.  This provides us with rare opportunity to allow residents of Singapore to enjoy our alkaline antioxidant water as soon as possible. As such, many Singaporeans have already invested in our water filtration systems at home.

We are knowledgeable and willing to assist you with all queries you may have, either over the phone or through a non-obligation water quality analysis.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call or SMS Hyflo Marketing Pte Ltd at our hotline +65 9066 6695 for an exclusive water demonstration appointment (without participating obligation).  Please quote HYFLO to identify yourself as a valued PARTICIPANTS for this promotion.

hyflowater alkaline water system
hyflowater alkaline water filtration system
Hyflo unique 5-Stage Under-Sink Filtration System
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